The multiple types of electric shaver

Don’t let common knowledge fool you, an electric shaver can be used for more than just the face. Mostly, men use them to keep their face tidy and clean by shaving the hairs from their face quickly and efficiently. Though, women can buy and often do use electric shavers to keep their legs smooth too, often doubling as epilators. This article is going to list off the multiple different electric shavers that you can buy and how to use them correctly.

Men’s electric shaver

Let’s start with the obligatory men’s electric shaver. This is used to shave the face quickly whilst still giving a solid, smooth shave that won’t cause any pain or discomfort. These are fairly standard, used by most men nowadays and are very useful for taking around with you to use in hotels or just at home. Arguably the most effective way of shaving and the quickest way to do so. How do you know what shaver to buy though? There are two main types to choose from.

Foil shaver: This electric shaver is primarily used for people who regularly shave every day. It is meant to shave straight, short and well-kept hair daily and one blade will last you for up to 2 years without replacement. These are very handy and quick to use, allowing you to shave with ease without having to buy shaving cream or worry about sparing a lot of time to keep your face wet. Simply ensure your shaver is charged and be done in minutes. This is the option for a man who wants to keep his face completely smooth at all times. Unfortunately, with more use means that this needs to be cleaned more.

Rotary shaver: This is the electric shaver for a man who doesn’t like to shave often. It is called rotary due to the blades moving in a rotary pattern, meaning the blades are part of a circle rather than in a straight line like the former shaver. The circular motion of the blades allows them to easily reach difficult areas such as around the chin or the nose meaning that all those tough to reach areas don’t need to be a problem. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get a very close shave by using these but if you’re an infrequent shaver then that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This is more for people with coarse and thick hair, allowing to give a shave that doesn’t tug at the skin.

Women’s electric shaver

Whilst both are theoretically the same, women have to account for more than just the face. When buying a woman shaver, they must account for shaving their body too. Areas such as underarm and legs. Whilst this doesn’t make for too much of a difference, it can make quite the change as to what options to choose.

Foil shaver: Foil shavers are commonly used to shave any stubble left on the legs. Since it’s not too good at shaving any long hairs, it’s best to use hair removal to remove most of the hair before using the shaver once stubble starts to appear. This allows for a closer and smoother shave.

Rotary shaver: This is more useful for the longer hair on the legs. It uses the blades to pull the hairs into the blades before cutting them. Of course, this means you don’t get as close of a shave as using a foil shaver but it is much more useful if you don’t have time to shave often or simply have longer hairs to get rid of.